Generic Levitra: Affordable ED Drugs

Levitra sales topped $250 million in 2015. And while that’s not much compared to the $2B of sales from Viagra in 2017, Levitra is still a major player in the ED market. But Bayer’s patent for Levitra (vardenafil) expires on October 31, 2018, opening the way for generic Levitra. Expiring prescription drug patents typically drive prices down, thanks to generic alternatives to expensive brand-name drugs. Levitra is no exception. A generic alternative to Levitra is a big deal to men struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED). And it’s not the only ED prescription medication patent set to expire soon. Both Cialis (Tadalafil) and Viagra (Sildenafil) should have generic versions available soon. Here’s the potential timeline of generic ED medication in the US.

Generic ED Medication: Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra

generic ED medication

Generic Viagra: Already Here

Sildenafil Viagra’s patent protection ends in 2020. However, Pfizer reached an agreement with Teva Pharmaceuticals to create a generic Viagra that’s already available. Teva is the only pharmaceutical company making generic Viagra—called Sildenafil—so the pressure from competition isn’t going to drive prices down like other generic medications. At least not right away.

Generic Cialis: Not Yet

Cialis Eli Lilly, the makers of Cialis, announced in July 2017, that Cialis would not come off patent protection in November 2017, as expected. They arrived at a new, patent settlement with multiple, generic pharmaceutical companies to extend Lilly’s protection of Cialis until September 27, 2018. The fact that the agreement includes multiple pharmaceutical companies and the rapidly approaching expiration date means that the price of generic Cialis should come down soon—thanks to the competition.

Generic Levitra: Coming Soon?

Levitra French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, has acquired the rights to make generic Levitra in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe. When Levitra’s patent expires October 31, 2018, they can start producing generic Levitra to compete with generic Cialis and generic Viagra. Generic Levitra isn’t necessarily coming later this year, but the price of Levitra will likely drop as many other generic ED drugs become be available around the same time, even if a generic alternative isn’t on the market right away.
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